SMEmPower Efficiency is a new H2020 project that supports the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive, for a more sustainable and efficient operation.

As part of the project, a novel training module is provided with a common curriculum for eight countries. The training programme is certified by the participating or associated universities as a life-long learning programme with five ECTS (of EQF level 6), equivalent to ten credits.

You focus on the presentation of available energy efficiency measures (EEM), in relation to energy surveys and technical data in SMEs. To quantify the best energy saving possibilities, software and financial tools are expected to prove the cost effectiveness of the EEM.

The training goes beyond energy consumption surveys (basic energy audit), and aims to effectively implement energy management techniques, instruments and solutions, to achieve energy savings, emissions reduction and welfare within this such a large and varied sector (99% of companies in the UK). You will plan and conduct an energy plan for your SME, with guidance from module tutors.